About Us

TriStar Quality Roofing’s story began almost a decade ago in Denton, Texas with a zeal for professionalism and a dedication to providing top-quality roofing services for Denton County and the surrounding areas. Since we began doing business in the summer of 2006, we have provided expert residential and commercial roofing solutions for countless homeowners and business owners in all corners of Denton County, and, in the process, TriStar has become one of the most trusted roofing companies in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our commitment to excellence, the fact that we are willing to help our customers every step of the way and our attention to detail truly set us apart from other roofers in the area.


The professionals at TriStar Quality Roofing view residential and commercial roofs as more than just the topmost areas of houses and business buildings. A roof is a shield, a means of protecting all the inhabitants, supplies, equipment and whatever else is housed under it and must be treated with expert care and respect. It is important to seek out a roofing company that holds your residential or commercial roofing system in the same regard. When choosing a roofing company to employ for either a residential or commercial roofing project, there are several factors to consider, and price is only one of them. Other elements to take into account include the company’s roofing experience and expertise, the degree of professionalism and quality assurance it promises to uphold and the strength of its warranties. Our roofing company is one that addresses all of these elements, which makes doing business with TriStar Quality Roofing one of the easiest and best choices a person needing North Texas roofing service can make.

Tristar is a Certified Elite Roofing Pro company that has Roofing Sales Pro Certification, and our expert crewmembers have more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry under their belts. We place our customers in the highest regard, and, in doing so, offer them a five-year warranty that covers the workmanship of all new roofs and a one-year leak warranty that is good for all repairs. We even work with our customers’ insurance companies during the entire claims process to ensure optimal damage coverage.

Quality Roofing Guarantee in Denton Texas

We pride ourselves and have built our business on providing quality service other roofing companies promise, but fail to deliver. Whether it is a commercial or residential roofing project, trust the roofers at TriStar Quality Roofing to take on each job with the utmost efficiency, precision, cost effectiveness and professionalism. Our seasoned roofers place equal importance on all residential and commercial roofing projects, regardless of size and will not pack up their tools and conclude work until they have taken every measure possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction. At TriStar, we are not satisfied until you are.

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Meet the Team

Troy Ballenger


Since moving to Denton in 1996, Troy has witnessed first-hand the transition of small town Denton to become what it is today. He has established a company from the ground up that can meet the needs of homeowners and business owners and stay true to the ever-evolving city. Troy earned his business degree with a minor in real estate from the University of North Texas. His interest in real estate and ability to build relationships with people has been the foundation of his success in the construction industry. He has an unmatched determination to succeed and a drive to do amazing things, and you can see it in his work. Troy is always increasing his knowledge and skills to bring his business to the next level and help his customers realize their dreams.

Kira Lee

Sales Manager

Kira is a native to Denton, having graduated from Billy Ryan High School and studied at the University of North Texas. Since coming on with TriStar in 2008, Kira has filled many roles as the business has evolved. She currently maintains the company’s operations and procedures on a day to day basis, as well as overseeing the office staff and managing the books. She has a working knowledge of computer program, design, and general construction and her determination and passion for the business make her a valuable asset of TriStar’s team. Kira has a busy home life with two little boys but when she can, she and her husband love going to the movies and scuba diving.

Dustin Barker


Dustin was born in Shiner, TX and went to college at University of Hawaii and UT Southwestern. He has served in many capacities, including: the Marine Corps as a Corporal, Careflight, rescue swimming, and a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Garland for the last 19 years. Aside from being an everyday superhero, he has found time to pick up almost a decade of experience in construction, and owned his own carpentry and fencing company. With TriStar, Dustin brings his meticulousness and problem-solving abilities to the table to handle many of our customers navigate rigorous insurance claims as efficiently and easily as possible.

Chris Rodgers


Chris joined the TriStar team after the extensive hailstorm that hit Denton in April 2014. Chris is instrumental in coordinating the restoration projects associated with repairing storm damaged properties. His outgoing personality and dedication to customer service makes him our go to salesman bringing in new leads and taking care of our loyal customers. Chris has been married for 17 years and loves to play baseball with his two boys.

Ryan Hunt

Project Manager

Ryan joined Tristar in the wake of the massive hailstorm of March 2017. What initially started off as just helping to run extra supplies across town when needed ended up growing into a full-time position as a project manager, making sure materials get ordered, problems get solved, and the roof gets completed to the Tristar quality standard. When it comes to logistics, Ryan is the man to tackle the problem. When it comes to relaxing, he prefers to do it with his girlfriend and two dogs, following UNT football and local Denton activities and festivals.

Jake McCandless

Administrative Assistant

Jake was born in Denton and has spent most of his life in the North Texas area. Having worked in both the office and in the field with our residential remodeling crew, Jake brings a wide range of perspective to the office and uses this to make the day to day as efficient as possible for all parties. In his free time, he is an avid member of the Denton music scene and loves to go hunting and fishing.