Insurance Claims

Since 2006, TriStar Quality Roofing has worked alongside our customers during the entire roofing process to ensure absolute customer satisfaction, and that includes negotiating with insurance companies during the claims process. Dealing with the insurance claims process is not anybody’s favorite activity to engage in, but it must be addressed in order to get a new roof following any kind of storm damage. At TriStar Quality Roofing, we have our customers’ best interests at heart, and that is why we do all the heavy lifting during the insurance claims process to ensure our customers receive optimum coverage according to their specific policies. Trust our experienced team to navigate the process the next time you need roof repair or replacement.


TriStar and Insurance Companies

If your roof sustains any damage due to hail, high wind, lightning or any other act of God, your insurance policy should cover it. But before TriStar begins the construction of your new and improved roof, your insurance company must confirm the damage and approve a claim for replacement. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and will meet with your agent and adjuster to inspect and assess the damage to your roof.

We have worked with insurance companies long enough to know what your adjustment sheet should entail and what your insurance should cover. TriStar’s team will even take a look at your adjustments to make sure they include a proper assessment of the damage. Once your insurance company agrees to how much of your roof’s damage your specific policy covers, you will receive approval. Once your insurance company gives its stamp of approval, Tristar can begin doing what we do best and begin construction of your new roof. Once your new roof is complete TriStar will send your insurance company a copy of the invoice for the cost of the roofing project, and a request to release of your recoverable depreciation funds on the work completed.

Insurance Claims and Deductibles

While we will do absolutely everything in our power to work with your insurance agent and adjuster to ensure you receive as much coverage as your policy will allow, we cannot ensure coverage of your deductible. Other roofing companies in the area promise to cover deductibles, but they are erroneous, unlawful and unethical in professing such a guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any other part of the insurance claims process, just give us a call, or send us a message. Any member of our experienced team would be more than happy to offer clarification and steer you in the right direction.

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